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Space Of Joy Pitomnik
25 July – 06 August 2007
Crimean Mountains

The beings awakened at the present moment are able to see an uncountable multitude of Buddhas, bodhisattvas, dakinis and dacians peaceful and irate, inhabitants of uncountable worlds.

Pitomnik is an experimental spatial-temporal continuum, intended for realization of the accumulated wishes, for gaining the invaluable experience of communication, for the liberation from the fuss caused by the habit of confusing oneself.

Being in the dynamic balance sliding the waves of different musical trends, the Pitomnik alumnuses will be able to gain footholds in their bodies, which would allow them to raise and cultivate the new conscious look at the world and their place in it.

The unique combination of a merry holiday, a secret exploring institution and a cosy lap of nature in the Pitomnik will be safe enough for psychic labyrinths explorers, who, looking for the escape from the anomalous sun radiation in the shadows of forests, will find themselves in the clear land of a blessed epoch.

The beings awakened beyond time see the light of consciousness infinitely streaming in all directions.

Planet Art Festival "Intelligent Maya"
25 of July - 31 of July 2007
Location - Space of joy Pitomnik

Our festival is an autonomous journing module, floating in the infinite universe and connected with it to form the whole, which, being a pure abstraction, is able to explore any unknown probabilities and color combinaions.
Our active creative nature strives for soothing in the flash of recognition of its unity. Our combined body realizes its fundamental connection with the mighty power, the motive illusion.

Intelligent Maya - Conscious Illusion